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Miranda Kerr’s Tit For V Magazine

Miranda Kerr became famous because Orlando Bloom bangs her on a regular basis. Orlando Bloom is famous because he was in that movie with Johnny Depp, before everyone went “For fucking sake, not another movie with Depp as a pirate!”.   So in a nutshell, we can see Miranda Kerr’s tit while looking like Cicciolina […]

The Shannon Twins Have Asses

Talk about a great view right? But that’s really all there is for these two. I’ve been staring at those asses for at least two hours, trying to figure out what would be my ultimate fantasy with these two. I pretty much ended with nothing. Well, there was one that seemed to be awesome. I […]

Candice Swanepoel is a Good Model

Ask me who Candice Swanepoel is. I dare you. Ask me. Truth is, I have no fucking clue. But this bitch is hot and she’s the replacement of Miranda Kerr as Victoria’s Secret’s top model. Lips you’d want around your cock and an ass which probably smells like roses (Not sure, but I’d take a […]

The Howe Twins are NOT Naked

Because this is Hollywood, the term celebrity goes a long way. This basically means that if you’re fucking ┬ásomeone famous, you become a celebrity yourself. Unless you get naked for Playboy with your twin sister, in which case you deserve the status. I have plenty of naked pictures of these two, but everyone can probably […]

Betty Page

My rampaging love story with Betty Page dates back to 1952. We were both in France and both being young, good looking and the fact that I could afford cocaine made for an interesting week (she would even go ass to mouth) It was pretty much love at first sight, and our love child will […]